Blog Mastermind: Blog Sales Funnel

We are entering the first Workshop of Blog Mastermind Program by Yaro Starak, Build Your Blog Platform.

And the first modul of this first Workshop is about what Yaro calls: The Big Picture. Where he shares about his concept on Blog Sales Funnel.

You can find several articles about this concept on, the blog of Yaro Starak. So, nothing new here.

And the concept of Sales Funnel is even older. It already exist long before the word “blog” came into our daily vocabulary.

So, anything new?

Yes. In my opinion, the fresh point of view comes from Yaro himself.

Blog Non-salesy Funnel

My main takeaway from this first workshop is, the concept of Blog Sales Funnel, despite the word “sales” in it, is really gear toward bloggers who hate selling.

So, how we make money if we hate selling? Even our own products and services?

By building relationship with our audience. By earned their respect. Gaining trust. By building empathy. And understanding their emotional journey.

That’s how we make them to buy from us! (They are NOT being sold)

From here, I’m afraid I can’t provide you with more details. But if you are like me. If you love to share your knowledge, but you HATE selling, then Blog Mastermind is right for you!

If you think 997 USD is way too expensive. Yaro provides an options of  299 USD per month for 4 months. I honestly think it’s a good deal. 🙂


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