Blog Mastermind: Customer Avatar

According to this module, the first step to create contents that really connect with your audience is by creating your Customer Avatar.

I can’t go into details about how to create one. But I can say, Yaro is doing a GREAT job on help us building our own Customer Avatar.

Not Just Customer Avatar

He even goes beyond the concept of Customer Avatar. But also about how to analyze the market your customers are in. The competitors who share the same audience with you. And how you can differentiate yourself from the other expert out there.

Even further, in Blog Mastermind, Yaro teaches about how to connect to your audience on a deeper emotional level. Pretty cool, huh! 🙂

My Customer Avatar

I’ve been in this business about 8 years. So, I certainly know about my customers, my market and my competitors. Or, do I?


After going through the process Yaro explained to me, I’ve gain some deeper insights into my customers heart and mind.

I mean, of course I know about them logically.  Again, logically. I’m a stockbroker. My recommendations are based on facts, data and numbers. We don’t talk that much about emotion.

But for the first time, I feel connected emotionally with my audience. And this even BEFORE I write a single post, or a single email.

I dug deep into thousands of previous emails, along with hundreds of chat transcripts and phone calls.  (Indonesian Financial Service Authority requires us to keep it for at least 3 years).

After that, I notice some patterns. What are their true concerns. What are their REAL financial objectives. The language they used to describe their hopes, dreams and fears.


You Think You Know Your Market?

So, if you are like me. If you’ve been in business for years. And if you think you already know you your customers. Then think again.

Join Blog Mastermind, and have your mind blown! 🙂



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