Blog Mastermind: Headline and Offers

Honestly, I have a tough time applying this one module of Blog Mastermind: Your Offer. When Yaro talked about translating your product and service into one powerful headline.

The Powerful Headline Formula

The main difficulty for me on applying lessons this module is they rely heavily on the power of words. To be specific English words. 😦

As a non-english speaker, servicing non-english audience, we just can’t use the exact formula Yaro teached us in this module.


Lucky for us, Yaro has gave us a Fundamental Formula for writing the headline. It consist of 4 phrases to spark your audience’s emotion. And instantly connect with them in seconds.

Of course we still need to do some work. Translating the words.  Adjusting the “language tone” to match our non-english speaking cultures. To make sure we use the right words for our headline.

And this when Customer Avatar comes in handy…

Create Powerful Headline with Customer Avatar

I admit it. I have stucked so many times when try to create a powerful headline for my business. Some english words just don’t fit with Indonesian language and culture. Using them will sounds weird and contra-productive.

So, what I did? I turn into my Customer Avatar.

One of the main fundamental concept of crafting your powerful headline is: knowing your audience.

If you know your audience, you know what language they use. What words will spark their emotion. What phrases will “clicked” to them.

That’s why Yaro highly recommend that we finish our Customer Avatar first, before we move on the next lesson.

Seriously, it will provide such a GREAT help every time we got stucked.

You Need to Know Your Audience

How can we have a conversation, build a relationship and earn their trust, we don’t even know about them? Seriously?

Your powerful headline will be used not just on your Sales Page. It will be used on your blog post, email subject, sub-headline, tagline, bullet benefits, everywhere!

Your powerful headline is a way to deepen the connection you have with your audience.

In Blog Mastermind, Yaro provides us with a task sheet called The Headline Helper. And it does what it says: help you craft your powerful headline.

So go, join us and start building your business! 🙂



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