My name is Ariesz Pratama Putra. Please call me: Ariz (pronounce: Ah-Reez).

I am a stockbroker based on Jakarta, Indonesia. And I use my blog (www.idxchart.com) as a marketing funnel to build my clientele and my financial advisory business. Yes, it’s in Indonesian and serves local audience! 🙂

On Sunday, 8 February 2015, I decided to join Blog Mastermind. An online course by Yaro Starak.

It was a BIG thing for me. Since I never buy something online at this price point. Indonesian weaker currency has made 997 USD feels 10 times more expensive.

To put it into perspective, here in Indonesia, the minimum wage is just about 1 USD per hour (no kidding!). So the course investment is actually worth 5 months of income for blue collar worker here, in Indonesia.

This blog is my documented journey on how I apply the lessons to my own business. And also to use it as a case study for my fellow non-english speaking business owners around the world. Whom might be thinking, considering and sitting on the fence to join Blog Mastermind Online Course.

Although it never intended as an income generating project. But if you do found this blog is helpful and it does make your decision making process easier, please kindly to join us using my affiliate link.

Yaro is very generous. So, I only need 3 sales to cover my investment on Blog Mastermind. 🙂


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