2 More Personal Reasons Why I Join Blog Mastermind

Apart from 3 business reasons why I join Blog Mastermind program, I also have 2 more personal reasons.

They may be related, or not related to your circumstances. But, I am gonna share them to you anyway.

Reason #1: The Business is Evolving

My senior Stockbroker colleagues  used to conduct business by talking on one-on-one basis. Serving their clients best. And rely their marketing effort on word of mouth promotion.

But the internet and Online Trading platform has disrupted our industry a little bit.

Now, it’s easy to trade stock without having a personal stockbroker. And many clients love the idea. Cheaper transaction cost, can be done anywhere and internet has become the primary source of information on news and stock analysis.

We only have to options:

  1. Being crushed by this tidal wave of change
  2. Surf the wave and seize the opportunities

I choose option #2. That’s why I join Blog Mastermind!

I want to ride the wave and take my business to the next level. I want to join the internet revolution. I want to be able to reach more people. I want to expand my business by taking advantage of this new technology.

Blog Sales Funnel is just a perfect solution for my business need. And it might be perfect for your business, too. Why not download and read this FREE Blog Profits Blueprint, and find out. 🙂

Reason #2: Blog Mastermind is a Proven System

What makes me jump over the fence and join Blog Mastermind is him: Mohammad Noer.

He is from Indonesia. Blogging in Indonesian. Serving Indonesian audience and is successful using Yaro’s system.

When I found out about him, I said to myself: “Oh, so it does work in here!”

You know, Eastern/Asian culture is different in many aspects from the Western culture. Many western business strategies/tactics will not work here. They just feel weird and not natural.

But Yaro’s approach is different.  His overall Blog Sales Funnel concept is really applicable in Indonesian culture. Of course I need to do some adjustment. But the fundamental is solid

I highly recommend you to read his FREE eBook Blog Profits Blueprint, to see if it’s applicable to your culture or not. As it does to my culture.

More than applicable. It’s a proven system!

That’s why I decide to pull the trigger and join Blog Mastermind. I documented all the process I’ve been through to adjust and apply all the lessons to my business. And I share it all to you, via this blog.

Stay tune!

Ariz of IDXchart.com




3 Reasons Why Join Blog Mastermind Might Be a Good Idea!

There are many other Online Business Course out there. Zero to Launch by Ramit Sethi, Course Builder’s Laboratory by Danny Iny, Create Awesome Online Course by David Siteman Garland, etc. to name a few.

So why join  Blog Mastermind by Yaro Starak?

Blog Sales Funnel

If you do have an existing business and you are doing okay. But somewhat you think you can do better, then you gonna like this course.

You don’t want to build just information product. Or another online course on your topic. What you want is building a platform, a business system. So you can expand your reach to more buyers, more customers and more clients.

Sure, eBooks and online course could be part of your business (and bring some nice additional income streams). But you also want them to integrate well with your existing business, and bring your business to the next level.

That is what Blog Sales Funnel all about. And that’s exactly what Yaro teaches on this Blog Mastermind program.

Build an Expert Blog

In his FREE eBook, Blog Profits Blueprint, Yaro talk about two kinds of money making blogs:

  1. The Blog Magazine
  2. The Expert Model

Simply put, the Blog Magazine is just like, well… Magazine. Where you put content regularly and sell some advertising space.

If you want to build your own platform. If your goal is expanding your existing business. Then  I personally think that The Blog Magazine is a bad idea.

Think about it. You work so hard to build your blog. Fill it with great content.  Bring in the traffic and readers. Only so your competitors can advertise on your blog and take away your prospect? Seriously?!

What you want is building an Expert Model blog. So you can educate your market, pre-sell them and building trust. You want to make yourself an authority in your particular niche.

We HATE being Salesy

Although as a business owner, we need sales, but let’s be honest… Do you enjoy it?

I certainly not. I am a stockbroker.  And contrary to popular image, we are not like all those portrayed in Hollywood movies. No, we don’t!

In Indonesia, just like many Asian culture, we value relationship. And you need a great deal of trust to let somebody handle your financial matters. We just don’t give our investment account to random people!

That’s why Yaro’s approach is brilliant.  He teaches us to attract audience, to have conversation and to build relationship with them.

In Blog Mastermind, we learn how to have empathy. How to know our clients and customers inside out. What’s their real problem, how complex it is and how we can help them solve it.

That’s why Yaro doesn’t promise us quick result.  Because trust and relationship don’t build overnight. It takes some time to build your reputation and your authority in your area of expertise.

Blog Mastermind gives us a framework. A clear road map. A Step by step system. It shortening our learning curve. Saves us from wasting time and effort for trial and error.

My 2 Personal Reasons to Join Blog Mastermind

Apart from 3 reasons I tell you above. I also have 2 more personal reasons on why I choose to join Blog Mastermind. You can read more about that here.

Thank you!

Ariz of IDXchart.com

PS: If you have not read it, yet. Here is the link to this FREE eBook Blog Profits Blueprint. I highly recommend it. Even if you decide not to join us in Blog Mastermind. Thank you!